Saturday, July 30, 2011

Adventures with: Cleaning (or a Lack Thereof) -- Part One

I will be the first to admit that I am probably one of the most easily distracted individuals to ever walk on the face of the planet, especially when it comes time for me to do something else. Hell, I was going to have this blog post written by Wednesday night, but you can obviously see what day this is.

The reason the cleaning was so important this go-round is due to my aunt coming in from out of town to visit. My grandmother was terrified that someone would want to sleep in the Kayla Cave, so I needed to clear some things out of there. By things, I mean everything that I brought with me when Eden and I moved in nearly five years ago. It started off as a temporary arrangement until I was able to get back on my feet. To be perfectly honest, I kinda like being on my ass. Not OUT flat on my ass, but doing a bit of lazing around. (I seriously don't really do that, except when it comes to chores. I have two parttime jobs with the same employer and I am usually enrolled in school.) Anyways, I've always held on to hope that I would magically come in to some windfall of lots of money and move into my own abode. It hasn't happened, so crap built up. I had filing drawers, art supplies, skinny clothes (which I will probably never wear again), and various other manners of junk. I treated them all as my "Precious" and dragged my feet in kicking the bastards out. Once I drug my feet into it, I was able to find distractions!

I'm going on a cruise in December and I always get a sunburn on my scalp if I'm outside for very long. I'm not a 100% pure Ginger - I'm what you would call a Daywalker - but I still have issues with getting sunburned quickly and in odd places. Instead of cleaning, I began fantasizing about the cruise and what I could do to ward off the sun. I had the perfect idea - I could use my beautiful scarves or sarongs to tie around my head in a turban! I had trouble finding a style to suit me, but after about 20 minutes of tying and retying, I was able to find something that worked for me.

Oops, I was supposed to be cleaning and not playing with strips of pretty fabric. I began cleaning again and was about to put up my other scarves. I then thought it was funny to be a ghost with all of my fabric!

Okay, it didn't look like that. I looked like Laurence of Arabia + Hot Mess + Very Little Ghost = Someone who should be CLEANING.

*sigh* I know, I was getting distracted. Time to go on with my duties. I had to get everything out of my room.


I needed to check my Twitter account. What is this? Authors are on there! I just had to pester them in any way possible to avoiding cleaning!

Sadly, they weren't in the mood to deal with my Shenanigans and did not distract me at all. I didn't even bring up Fraggles!


Eden was hungry and wanted lunch! I didn't want to turn on the oven and I didn't have anything thawed out, so I decided to make some cornbread pancakes and greens!

Eden was horrified and did not eat anything. I did gladly, doused with vinegar from pickled peppers! *purrs* My little niece, Kember, also partook of the excellent feast.

Once I finished eating and began to look for other distracting possibilities, my friend Carrie showed up. She got out the whip (yes, I have one -- thanks, Sean!) and beat me into cleaning. Not really, but threats were made.

I got most of the room cleaned to a manageable level, and got rid of most of everything that I owned. Honestly, I didn't want any of the crap. Carrie did, and even made off with a Fry Daddy. Yes, I am a Southern woman. I keep deep fryers in my bedroom. What? You don't?

We ended the day by going on a field trip to Carrie's mother's house (another distraction from the task) instead of cleaning out the *shudders* bathroom. I shall save that adventure for Part Two.

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