Thursday, September 8, 2011

Adventures with: C-3PO

It doesn’t look like very much, does it? It looks like a harmless, little mobile device. I am hesitant to call it a “smartphone”, but it obviously is since it is plotting to kill me.

 Did that catch you off guard? Well, you better believe me when I say that this phone is capable of Shenanigans on an epic scale. Would you like an example?

My phone does not like being plugged into particular outlets. I mean, the charger itself is fine, but depending on where it is in the world (not just my house), it jumps on the crazy train. I bet when I walk out of the room, my phone suddenly gets this message on its screen:

It lacks thumbs and/or a jaw, so it’s having a difficult time killing me. However, it’s finding new and exciting ways to make my life interesting. For example, yesterday it decided to go through various text messages from an ex and send them to the last few people I’ve spoken with. This is including the Gingerman. Awkward much? Oh yes. (As if things aren’t already awkward enough there…) Tonight, it decided to do the same thing with a message that I posted on Facebook. In the midst of a discussion about the superior genetics of the fellow “baby mama” and I, the phone begins a new plan of action.

 Since that probably won’t work, it’s decided to piss off all of my friends. *sigh* Stupid phone…

Yes, I named my phone after a character on Star Wars. It's a droid and so is C-3PO. Sue me. Well, not you, George Lucas. *looks around anxiously*

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