Monday, August 1, 2011

Adventures with: Texting

I began texting one of my good friends from a number he didn't know this afternoon. Since I haven't played a prank on anyone in quite some time, I had to have a little fun. The conversation went as follows:

Kayla: Hey

David: Who is this

Kayla: Your worst nightmare.

David: Well not much of one. So either tell me who you are or don’t bother texting back. Thanks.

Kayla: The Oogie Boogie

David: Yea bye.
            Okay, so you are using a program that has changed your 
            number. Impressive now who are you.

Kayla: You’re no fun! :P
             It’s a free app.

David: I have it now still haven’t told me who you are.

Kayla: I haven’t,  have I?

David: Who.

Kayla: :)

David: Infuriating that’s what you are.

Kayla: Why, thank you, David!

David: Who are you

Kayla: Me

David: …who is me then

Kayla:  You are David.

David:  …what is your name

Kayla:  You know my name.

David: Tell me anyway
            Come on.
            Who are you?

Kayla: You already know it.

David:  Tell me anyway I don’t care. Say it

Kayla:  Me

David: Don’t give me that I am tired of playing.

Kayla: Lies!

David: Name now.

Kayla: Now already has a name.

David: What is your name.

Kayla: My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

David: Princess bride seriously you are quoting that. Please I am tired of playing

Kayla: I’ve always wanted to use that in a conversation. My heart sings with giddy joy.

David: Okay so you’ve had phone pick someone else and quit this
             Fun* who are you seriously

Kayla: The name’s Bond. James Bond.

David: Fine forget it.

I then revealed my identity to David. And the reaction was:

David: I hate you.
To be honest, it's usually me that gets to say that line. Oh well.

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